Glennie Fairy: A World of Many Colors, written by Melanie Dawn and illustrated by Natalie Murrow, is an award winning delightful poetic picture book about a pink fairy and a cast of colorful friends sharing the important message of acceptance of diversity. 

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Reader Views 2021-2022 Literary Awards; Children’s Category, Early Readers, Ages 6 – 8

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Reader Views Kids

Reviewed by Lydia (age 7) for Reader Views Kids
5* View the world through different colors
“Glennie Fairy: A World of Many Colors” by Melanie Dawn is the story of a fairy named
Glennie who likes to wear pink glasses. Her favorite color is pink, and she likes to see everything
around her as being pink because it makes her happy. Glennie is outside and sees her friends.
She sees Ruby the fox and asks her if she’d like to play with the pink berries. Ruby says that she
would rather play in the red flowers. Glennie then sees Mr. Bee and wants him to play with her
on this pink day, but Mr. Bee doesn’t like the color pink, he likes yellow! To Mr. Bee, yellow
makes him happy like pink does to Glennie and red does to Ruby fox. Then Glennie sees Biggie
Blue Jay and finds out that he likes the color blue instead of pink! Last, Glennie meets Kiki
grasshopper, and she’s not feeling very happy. Kiki talks to her and helps her feel better and to
remind her that she can look at the world through different colored glasses and see things

I like “Glennie Fairy,” both the story and the character. Glennie is nice, playful, and looks at
things in a happy way. I like that the other animals look at things in a happy way, too, even
though it wasn’t with the color pink. Pink is one of my favorite colors, too, but I also like other
colors that I use to color pictures in my books. I like that the animals are all nice to each other,
even though they like different colors, and none of them are mean to each other about that. I like
that I can read this book by myself and to other people. I like that the pages are colorful and fun
to read! I think that any kid would like to read “Glennie Fairy!”

Note from Mom: “Glennie Fairy” is an important message for kids and adults alike; it is
important to not be closed minded when we view things around us, even when the way we view
things makes us happy. If we continue to view things our way, then we shouldn’t be offended or
upset when other people claim to view things their own way. All in all, “Glennie Fairy” is a cute
short story that is easy to be understood by everyone listening with an important and powerful