Glennie Fairy

Glennie Fairy is a pink fairy who loves everything to be pink. She sees the world through her rose colored glasses to make all her days bright and cheery.

Red Fox Ruby

Red Fox Ruby loves all things red. She’s quick, loves to pounce, and play hide and seek.

Mr. Bee

Mr. Bee is a very busy bee always buzzing around the flowers collecting pollen. He sometimes comes across as a bit of an angry bee, but really he’s just too busy working to have much time for anyone else.

Biggie Blue Jay

Biggie Blue Jay is a bit of a know-it-all, but that’s because he’s spends a lot of time exploring, learning and traveling the world through the bright blue sky.

Kiki Grasshopper

Kiki Grasshopper is everyone’s best friend. She’s caring, always smiling, and makes time for everyone.

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